faucet-686958_1280Chapter 109 Safe Drinking Water Revisions:
DEP has released proposed (pre-draft) Safe Drinking Water regs to the General Update of Chapter 109. They are sharing information and seeking comment very early in the reg process. The package includes new annual fees and also revised permit fees. Other changes include alarm and shutdown capabilities, auxillary power, revised turbidity requirements, etc.
DEP will be posting a webinar on their site as well as holding upcoming regional meetings to explain the changes. To view the proposed (pre-draft) regs and supporting information, click here.
PMAA is interested in your comments and strongly encourage you to share any input or feedback you may have. Please email Jennifer Case, Government Relations Liaison. 

An overview of the fee part of the package is below:

  • Establishes new annual fees and amends existing permit fees.
    • To fill the funding gap to ensure sufficient program capacity to protect public health, comply with existing environmental laws and regulations, and maintain primacy.
  • To cover about 50% of state costs or of $7.5 million. The remaining funding ($7.7 million) will continue to come from the General Fund.
  • Fees will cover technical services; operations; program management, development and administration; and other state costs.
    • The proposed fees are intended to bear a reasonable relationship to the actual cost of providing services.
    • The fees also factor in affordability and equitability.
  • Annual fees range from:
    • $250 - $40,000 for CWSs (Community Water System)
    • $50 - $1,000 for NCWSs (Non-community Water System)
    • $1,000 - $2,500 for BVRBs (Bottled, Vended, Bulk Water)
  • Increased permit fees:
    • Fees range from $50 - $10,000
    • Fees were determined using a workload analysis.