Delaware Valley Health Trust

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association Health Insurance Program

Administered by Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust


Public entity budgets throughout the Commonwealth continue to be plagued by rising health care costs leaving public employers with a host of unpleasant choices: reduce benefits, raise taxes, shift costs to employees, assume more risk or switch to some new and unproven carrier looking to expand market share with unsustainable acquisition rates.
The Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) and the Delaware Valley Health Trust (DVHT) have partnered in an attempt to better manage health insurance costs without significantly impacting plan designs.  In direct contrast to the annual 10-20% increases imposed by commercial carriers, DVHIT’s increases have averaged 6.5% per year over the past decade — without relying on plan design changes to lower the average, and prior to the use of any earned rate credits offered by the Trust.
DVHT is a non-profit risk-sharing pool with nearly 130 public entity members located in nineteen PA counties, and it provides health coverage to over 20,000 employees and dependents.