Award Recipients

Sahli, Extended and J.E. “Ted” Kuhn Service Awards
In an effort to promote interest in good authority administration and operation, and to recognize faithful and effective service by authority officials, PMAA established the annual Sahli Service Award for those who have served 20 years or more, the Extended Service Award for those who have served 30 years or more and the J.E. “Ted” Kuhn Award for those who have served 50 years or more. 

Sahli Service Awards (20 years or more of service)

Extended Service Awards (30 years or more of service)

J.E. "Ted" Kuhn Awards (50 years or more of service)


L.W. “Red” Davis Award
This award is presented annually to an individual for their service to the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association. “Red” served as Executive Manager of the Lansdale Municipal Water Authority and for many years as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of PMAA.

The 2022 award recipient is Jennifer Case of Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association. Read more>>


William H. Markus Award
William H. Markus was a gentleman of integrity, blessed with unlimited energy. For over three decades he served as counsel for PMAA, and was truly the dean and conscience of the association. The purpose of this award is to honor the man who inspired it; to inspire others to follow his example in instilling honesty, integrity, fairness, efficiency and fiscal responsibility in the operation of PMAA; to recognize those persons who have emulated William H. Markus in the performance of their duties to Pennsylvania municipal authorities and to the Association.

The 2022 award recipient is Paul D. Vojtek of Erie Water Works. Read more>>