NEW! PMAA is pleased to announce the creation of the Municipal Authority Communications Award!


Municipal authorities in Pennsylvania have been providing the citizens of our Commonwealth with a wide array of critical services for over 80 years. All too often authorities do their work efficiently and quietly, in the background, with their good work taken for granted, a consequence of the safe, reliable, and economical services provided. The better you do your job, the more likely you go unnoticed, and perhaps, unfortunately, underappreciated.

In an effort to recognize and value the integral work done by authorities, PMAA is pleased to announce the creation of the Municipal Authority Communications Award.

Authorities are a success story that needs to be told. They meet the continuing environmental and regulatory challenges of an evolving world. They work in concert with their municipalities to manage and support the growth and vitality of our communities. In a time when privatization and monetization threaten this model of service, the authority story needs to move to the forefront more than ever before.

What does your authority do to raise the awareness of your projects and services? How do you communicate needed information, your messaging, YOUR STORY, and the VALUE you bring to your customers?

The Award will recognize member authorities that have established an effective communications strategy for their customers. Design, innovation, creativity, comprehensiveness and, of course, effectiveness are included in the award criterial.

Finalists will be announced, in August, with the awards presented on September 12th during the Awards Banquet at the  Annual Conference in Erie. In addition to finalists and winners in each category, honorable mention recognition will be given for excellent submissions.



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