Advocacy & Testimory

PMAA on the Hill

View videos of interviews, hearings, and press conferences on various subjects noted and download PMAA testimony documents.


Press Conference on PA Infrastructure Agenda (8-08)


House Agricultural Committee Hearing on Chesapeake Bay Funding (8-08)


Press Conference for Clean Water Referendum (10-08)


Interview on Infrastructure Funding – Clean Water Referendum (11-08)


DEP’s Permitting Process Hearing (Senate Majority Policy Committee, 3-10) - PDF

Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Wastewater Treatment Issues Hearing (Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, 1-10) – PDF

Local Government Informational Hearing (House and Senate Local Government Committees, 3-09)

Water and Sewer Infrastructure in PA (House Appropriations Committee, 2-08) – PDF

Municipal Authority Structure and HB 1507 (Senate Local Government Committee, 11-08) – PDF