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Updated: May 9, 2022

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New Law - Act 18 of 2022 (Public Contract Bid Nonreceipt Act)Dush,_Cris

Introduced as SB 478 (Senator Cris Dush - Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Potter and Tioga Counties) received final passage in the House (Vote Y: 197/N: 1) on April 13th and was approved by the governor on April 19th (Act 18-2022). It amends Act 78 of 1979 authorizing political subdivisions and municipal authorities to enter into contracts for services when two consecutive advertisements fail to induce bids. If no bids are received within 15 days of the second advertisement, the authority may initiate negotiations for a contract for services with any provider not otherwise disqualified by law. The law becomes effective June 18,2022.


Recent Legislative Activity (click on the bill number for more details and bill status):
HB 978 (Representative Brett Miller – Lancaster County) amends the Right-to-Know Law to further safeguard both personal financial information and public funds.



HB 2428
(Representative Jerry Knowles – Berks, Carbon, Schuylkill Counties) amends the Open Meetings Law/Sunshine Act to facilitate the creation of local rules allowing meetings to be broadcast online and allow public comment via authorized telecommunications devices. Identical bill in the Senate, SB 1130 (Senator Cris Dush).


HB 2524
(Representative Lou Schmitt – Blair County) amends the Right-to-Know Law, including requiring agencies to register open records officer contact information with the Office of Open Records, permitting agencies to ask requesters whether records will be used for commercial purposes, permitting to assess reasonable, standard fees for commercial requests with an exception for media requests, and other provisions. 


SB 1206
(Senator Cris Dush - Cameron, Clearfield, Clinton, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, Potter and Tioga Counties) amends the Right-to-Know law making the destruction or alteration of documents that are subject to Right-to-Know (RTK) requests a felony of the third degree, when these actions are committed intentionally.


SB 597 (Senator Patrick Stefano – Fayette, Somerset, Westmoreland Counties)
Amends Title 27 (Environmental Resources) which requires community water and wastewater systems of 501 or more connections to submit an asset management plan to DEP for review and approval. It also provides for critical valve inspections and repair, meter testing protocol, lead line replacement plan, development of a cybersecurity system, annual information to customers, regulations, contingency for public funding and enforcement.

The bill was considered in the Senate on second consideration on April 6th and two floor amendments were adopted on April 11th. The bill was rereferred to the Senate Appropriations Committee and passed over in committee on April 12th. The Senate does not return to session until May 23rd.

Click here for PMAA’s memo to the full Senate on April 11th with details on the floor amendments and PMAA’s position. PMAA appreciates the progress made thus far;  however, we still have many overarching concerns, and we look forward to continuing negotiations throughout the legislative process.


  • Water Well Licensing proposal supported by PMAA with other members of the Water Utility Council of AWWA - Click here for support letter.

  • PMAA signs joint letter calling on Governor’s PFAS Action Team to implement recommendations in their initial report relating to class B firefighting foam. Read more>>

  • Aqua Pennsylvania Files Rate Request Based on Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Repairs and Improvements Statewide. Read more>>

  • Sunshine Act amended. Read more>>

  • Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant Application Guidance and Instructions Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2021. Available September 30, 2021. The first grant is called the Building Resilient Infrastructure & Communities (BRIC); this grant has $1 BILLION to be competitively applied for (minus tribal and state set-asides). Additionally, the Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) grant will have $160 million available in this year’s national application competition. Read more>>

  • SB 832 by Senator Gene Yaw (Bradford, Lycoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Union) was introduced and referred to the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. It establishes a Clean Streams Fund in Pennsylvania via a $250 million allocation from the American Rescue Plan. Funding would be distributed through a mix of new and existing programs. Of note, $25 million would go to a new Municipal Stormwater Assistance Program to help communities plan and implement stormwater practices. The bill is attached for your reference.>>

  • Governor Wolf Announces $97 Million Investment in Clean, Lead-Free Water Infrastructure Projects in 19 Counties. Read more>>