Unemployment Compensation


If you are part of the state unemployment program, your tax rate is adjusted each year based on the amount of unemployment benefits received by your eligible employees vs. the taxable wage base (the assigned tax rate on the first $10,000 of each employees earnings).

Also, if your authority is part of the state unemployment plan, your annual rate can be adjusted negatively based on the solvency of the state. This adjustment is determined based on all unemployment benefits paid vs. the PA state reserve funds. This reserve fund includes all industry types in PA.

Doesn't it make sense to belong to an unemployment program geared only to authorities?

PMAA offers that alternative.

The base rate or entry rate for authorities that join is 2.7% on the first $10,000 vs. the average employer state rate in the state of PA of 6.7%. This is a cost savings of $390.00 per employee.

Also, your rate will not be adjusted based on the solvency of the state…something you have no control over. Once you are part of the PMAA UC Trust, your own experience will help control your cost.

For additional information, please contact:

Mike Baer


Mike Gruschow
Unemployment Compensation Administrator

Supporting Documents:

Rules of the Trust

Unemployment Compensation Brochure

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Quarterly Reporting Form – Additional Page

Unemployment Compensation Filing Instructions & Contact Information

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