About Us

PENNSYLVANIA MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES ASSOCIATION (PMAA) is the recognized association for municipal authorities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1941, PMAA was established “...to assist authorities in providing services that protect and enhance the environment, to present a united and common front in advocating favorable legislation and opposing detrimental legislative proposals, and to promote economic vitality and the general welfare of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its citizens.”

Today, PMAA represents more than 700 municipal authorities across the state. The authorities provide drinking water, sewage treatment, waste management, and recreational and community projects valued at billions of dollars to over six million Pennsylvania citizens.

In addition to active members, PMAA has over 500 associate members, such as CPAs, engineers and solicitors, who provide services to municipal authorities.

Located across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, PMAA offers its members legal counsel, legislative services, education and training workshops, an annual conference, various insurance and pension programs, information services and a wide collection of publications.