Submit Your Presentation Ideas Now!

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As PMAA plans for the 2020 Annual Conference (August 30 - September 2, Hershey Lodge & Convention Center), we are seeking your input and expertise in developing conference session presentations.

As authorities, you may have recently completed a project or administrative program that has advanced authority operations or increased efficiencies.  Sharing your experience is of great value, which helps create a network of Association participation.  If you are an authority simply looking for guidance in a certain area of operations or management, please use this opportunity to express your interest in a topic.

Associate members, PMAA has relied on your expertise in educating members at workshops and conferences.  PMAA prides itself in providing the premier industry forum for information exchange.  If you or your firm has a particular area of expertise, a relevant case study or a suggestion for a conference session, please share your idea with the Conference Committee using the form enclosed.

The Conference Committee will review all submissions.  Because PMAA currently offers a number of education venues (i.e. The Authority magazine, workshops/trainings, webinars, Womens Conference, etc.), your proposal will be kept on file even if it is not chosen as a conference session topic.

Please complete the reverse side form with your proposal(s) or suggestion(s).  Reminder: presentations are to be informational and/or educational only.  Commercial endorsements will not be considered.

Thank you, in advance, for making PMAA’s 78th Annual Conference a success!