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April 2023
In this issue...

PENNVEST Awards $6.7 Million Grant to SARRA for Water Treatment Plant

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority Celebrates 10,000 Lead Service Line Replacements

Service Line Inventory Methods & Expectations

Use Water Science to Bolster Customer Appreciation


February 2023
In this issue...

February_2023Dealing with Being a Defendant (Early Do's and Dont's)

Engineer Project Stories

Mt. Laurel Emergency

Planning for the Future - Asset Management



December 2022
In this issue...

December_2022_Authority_Magazine_CoverAct 43: One Year Later - More Questions than Answers

Time to Reorganize

New Video Highlights How Protecting Forests Improves Water Quality and Enhances Pennsylvania's Economy

Emergency Bidding in the Public Domain

Biosolids Help Farmers Amid High Input Prices

Leading an Authority Back on Track

October 2022
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October_2022Climate Change Projections

Opportunities & Challenges in a Rising Rate Environment

Procurement Risk Management - Exceeding Basic Compliance

Region 1 Internship Program

Incident Response Plan - Cyber Preparedness

Solar Power - A Good Match?

August 2022
In this issue...

80th Annual Conference & Trade

Revolving Door Restriction

Government Relations Update

A Small-Town Success Story



June 2022
In this issue...
Government Relations Update

Procurement Corner - Responsible Bidders & Retainage

Roadmap to Erie

Solar Means Business in America - What that Means for the Water & Wastewater Industry

Thomas Zeuner Receives Award - A Distinguished Career is Recognized

April 2022
In this issue...
Authority Hiring Options - Finding Employees that will Benefit your System

Government Relations Update

Leadership - Facilitating Company Growth & Employee Satisfaction

PennBid Program - Online Bid Management Made Easy

Roadmap to Erie - Annual Conference & Trade Show Details Inside!


February 2022
In this issue...
Government Relation Update

Partnership with PLGIT - How PLGIT Can Help your Municipality

PFAS in Drinking Water - EPA Finalizes Nationwide Monitoring Effort

WIN Conference Highlights



December 2021
In this issue...
Climate Change: what it means for water and wastewater authorities

Government Relations Update

Tis the Season to Reorganize

Women in the Industry WINter 2022 Conference

October 2021
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October2021coverAnnouncing PMAA's New Leadership Team

Caveat Emptor: Authorities Beware!

Center for Water Quality Excellence Supports Stormwater Management

Conference Highlights

Government Relations Update

Have we met? The Rules May Change but Quorums are here to Stay  

August 2021
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Building the Right Team Can Make a Financing Go Smoothly

The Evolution of Bid Management

Government Relations Update

How Act 43 Affects Your Authority

Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority - Accelerating Green Infrastructure