National Insurance Services (NIS)

Your Endorsed Provider for Life and Disability Insurance

NIS has been a specialist in employee benefits for public sector organizations since 1969. We have one of the largest blocks of governmental business in the United States with over 400,000 insured individuals in 29 states.

We are your one-stop shop for employee benefit resources. Let us sift through thousands of benefit news articles, new legislation notices, compliance, ACA regulations and deliver only what is relevant to your organization. Visit for information on:

  • ACA & Other Legislative News: We’ll tell you which mandates to pay attention too and which ones to ignore. 

  • Early Retiree Benefits: Discover what other organizations have done to restructure their benefits and reduce their OPEB liabilities. 

  • Change Management: Find out how other organizations not only survived big changes, but thrived because of it. 

  • Event Calendar: Never miss out on local and national events including trade shows, webinars, association events and more.