Markus Award 2015 - Ralph Watters


This year’s nominee, Ralph Watters, has stepped down from his post as Manager of his authority after forty years of service. He has presided over the construction and development of one of central Pennsylvania’s most progressive water treatment facilities. As PMAA conference attendees, you have been utilizing his authority’s services in Hershey many times over the years. As we attended our Lancaster Conference in 2011, the serious 100 year flash flooding that overtook central Pennsylvania was devastating his authority at both the plant and the administrative offices. His leadership in seeing through the reconstruction delayed his retirement plans, but underscored his commitment to the community.

A longtime member of the legislative committee, he has served on two separate PMAA tapping fee negotiation teams in 1990-1991 and again in 2001-2002. He has been an active member of the conference committee, the professional development committee and the current organizational development committee. He has been a presenter and panelist at numerous PMAA educational sessions over the years.

He is also an active and humble servant in his community and church.