Online Meeting Tips

To make the most out of your Virtual Conference experience, check out these tips.

Test Your Equipment prior to the webinar

  • Check your system at least 15 minutes prior to event, including your network connection, device battery life, and speakers.

  • Use a computer or a tablet for the best viewing experience. The system is not responsive on a cell phone.

  • We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to access the webinar. Other browsers may not be compatible with the WebEx.

Control Your Environment

  • Mute other devices that might interfere with your computer audio.

  • Create a learning-conducive environment by eliminating as many distractions as possible by closing out of other tabs and mute notifications, if possible.

  • Prepare your space with anything you may need during the virtual program (appropriate chargers, note-taking materials, water, etc.).

Troubleshooting Technical Difficulties

  • The webinar technology runs on higher bandwidth. Please know that some WiFi connections may be spotty.

  • Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others. If your slides are behind or you are having audio issues, please try to refresh the page.