Webinar: PFAS: Different Treatment Technologies to Optimize your Authority

Wednesday, December 07, 2022
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

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In the face of rapidly changing regulatory standards, many municipal authorities are currently dealing with concerns about PFAS. This webinar will help authorities understand:

  • What currently proven technologies are available to treat PFASstartburst

  • What the pros and cons are of various adsorption technologies

  • What kind of studies are done to differentiate between different treatment options

  • What factors influence which technologies are best for your situation

  • How engineering designs affect costs and how can you save money

  • What kind of operational challenges result from the push to treat to lower and lower standards and how to solve them

During this session, real data comparing GAC adsorption with ion exchange media in a variety of background water matrices will be presented. We will also discuss the following:

  • The scale-up of bench and pilot scale data to full-scale systems currently in operation

  • Actual full-scale optimization practices that have been proven and are continuing to be improved

  • Unique operational challenges associated with adsorbent column design that can impact the potential for cross-contamination during spent adsorbent replacement

The information in this webinar will benefit municipal authorities faced with the requirement of treating PFAS compounds in a surface or groundwater matrix to low levels.

Les Cordone, VP, PE, Vice President: Industrial Water/Wastewater Treatment Practice

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