Webinar: PFAS Issues Affecting Water & Wastewater Authorities

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM


PFAS Issues Affecting Water & Wastewater Authorities

PFAS have continued to be a major topic for those involved in both the drinking water and wastewater industries. Many PMAA members have attended our past seminars/webinars on this ever-developing area of law and science, and have a basic understanding of the issues surrounding PFAS.

This session will present a short, basic overview of PFAS-related issues, but will also address more recent issues of concern to PMAA members both in the water and wastewater fields.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Overview of PFAS

  • Recent state regulatory activities around the country, including the latest cleanup "standards"

  • A review of Pennsylvania PFAS-related issues

  • EPA's recent action to regulate PFAS under the Safe Drinking Water Act

  • Discussion on EPA's PFAS Action Plan and 2020 update

  • How PFAS-related actions could impact water and wastewater treatment plants in Pennsylvania

Steven A. Hann, Esquire
Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, P.C.  

Steve Hann is a Principle with the law firm of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, where he practices both Environmental Law and Municipal Law. His practice includes representing clients' interests before environmental agencies such as EPA and DEP, and in litigation matters before administrative boards and both federal and state courts.

He regularly counsels clients on water quality related issues, NPDES permitting, TMDLs, wet weather concerns, pretreatment, and stormwater management.

Steve is the East Region Solicitor to PMAA and also represents municipal entities throughout Pennsylvania as both Solicitor and Special Counsel.

Cost: $40