Fun Facts

Pennsylvania Inventions:

Big Mac

Date: 1967



Jim Delligatti invented the Big Mac which debuted in 1967 at his first McDonald's franchise located on McKnight Road in Ross Township. The Big Mac had two previous names (the Aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger) before it became known as the Big Mac of today.



The pencil with attached eraser

Year: 1858



Hymen Lipman invented the pencil with a built in eraser after wanting a writing tool that made it easier and more convenient to erase mistakes made with the pencil.




Date: 1943



The slinky was invented by Richard T. James who was a naval engineer working with tension springs when he dropped a spring and saw how it kept moving after it hit the ground.




Bubble Gum

Date: 1928



Walter Diemer is credited with successfully inventing bubble gum, however there were some attempts before him that failed. Diemer was an accountant for Fleer Chewing Gum Company who in his free time would experiment on new and improved gum recipes.