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March 30, 2021

HB 957 SummaryMoul

  • Requires multiple properties (hyperlink: multiple properties to the opposition letter on the website) served by a single unit to be classified as commercial and billed as such unless the property owner chooses to maintain their current classification

HB 957 Status

  • Voted (hyperlink: voted to the opposition letter on the website) out of House Local Government Committee, as amended – March 24th

Read the full opposition letter here

ATTENTION! Biosolids Permit Holders

DEP is proposing revisions to its biosolids permits (GP-07, GP-08) to include PFAS monitoring requirements as well as a Phosphorous Index. Read more (hyperlink: Read more to the DEP presentation on the website) to read the DEP presentation on proposed revisions.

Workgroup! The Water Resources Advisory Committee (WRAC) is forming a workgroup to discuss and comment on the proposed revisions. If you would like to participate in the workgroup, please email: Cory Miller  and Jennie Shade.