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The Online Training Academy (OTA) is a series of web-based courses designed to build strong authorities. This convenient and cost-effective training has been developed for authority board members, consultants and management staff, billing departments, financial staff, treatment plant and work crew employees.

Each one-hour webinar will consist of a 45 minute presentation along with an interactive question and answer period. Webinars allow us to provide more training to an even broader geographic area and make learning opportunities more accessible to all employees throughout your organization. Every member of the authority team benefits from these courses!  The registration fee is $40 unless prepaid credits have been purchased.


Cash Flow Analysis and Investment Options

(Originally presented Tuesday, May 20, 2014. A link of this archived session will be emailed to you to view at your convenience. Please use the registration link below.)

This session will demonstrate how cash flow analysis and forecasting are the building blocks to a solid investment program. We will explore how these tools, along with a well-designed investment policy, can help your Authority identify liquidity needs, diversify funds among variable and fixed rate investment options and optimize investment returns.

This session is for any authority management, staff or board members who have a hand in managing authority financial assets.

Presenter: Brian Sanker, Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust


Debt Strategies and Leveraging the Low Interest Rate Environment

(Originally presented February 26, 2014. A link of this archived session will be emailed to you to view at your convenience. Please use the registration link below.)

This session will be targeted to both board members and staff of authorities.  The webinar will examine debt strategies for new money financings for capital projects as well as debt refinancings and restructurings to provide budget relief.  Financing tools such as bank loans, bond issues, draw-down lines of credit, and state and federal programs will be discussed in detail along with a review of each one’s advantages and disadvantages.  We will also look into trust indenture debt structures and the benefits and impediments of those traditional governing documents. Of course, the presenters will review current market conditions and highlight some of the latest news and information affecting tax-exempt borrowings and the municipal markets.

The session will also review how a financing comes together including a sequence of events and critical financing team members. Lastly, the session will provide attendees the latest developments in federal regulations and requirements, especially as they relate to interaction and responsibilities of financing team members. This session targets executive management, financial staff and board members.

Zach Williard, Senior Managing Consultant, Public Financial Management, Inc.
Jamie Schlesinger, Senior Managing Consultant, Public Financial Management, Inc.


E-Commerce Solutions – How the Latest Electronic Technologies Can Benefit Your Authority

(Originally presented February 24, 2015. A link of this archived session will be emailed to you to view at your convenience. Please use the registration link below.)

Electronic payment options offer convenient, timely and cost effective methods for both collecting and making payments. The presenter of this session will focus on the latest technologies including the use of credit cards, procurement cards and desktop scanners to streamline collections and disbursements. All of which will help you and your authority save time, money and create efficiencies in your day to day operations.

Presenter: Courtney Mulholland, Director of Marketing, PLGIT


Municipal Authority Borrowing Considerations in 2015

(Originally presented March 19, 2015. A link of this archived session will be emailed to you to view at your convenience. Please use the registration link below.)

Is now a good time to undertake that new capital project or refinance existing debt? Interest rates continue to be at historic lows; however there are legal considerations that Authorities need to consider before moving forward with a bond financing.

  • During this one hour webinar, we will be focusing on the following subject areas:

  • Introduction

  • Market Overview

  • Borrowing Options Available/Documentation

  • Bank Qualified Debt

  • Regulatory Updates impacting Municipal Debt

  • Other Municipal Updates

Joshua S. Pasker, Esq., Saul Ewing
Zachary Williard, Senior Managing Consultant, Public Financial Management, Inc.


Why Do I Have To? - Duties and Obligations to File an Annual Statement of Financial Interests Pursuant the Pennsylvania Public Official and Employee Ethics Act

(Originally presented April 12, 2016. A link of this archived session will be emailed to you to view at your convenience. Please use the registration link below.)

This webinar is designed for:
- Authority Board Members
- Managers
- Engineers
- Solicitors
- Other Staff that Handle Public Monies

As a local public official, elected or appointed, the annual filing of the Statement of Financial Interests is a requirement of holding office and/or receiving compensation.

Since becoming effective January 1, 1979, the State Ethics Commission has remained ever vigilant and steadfast in its mission of ensuring the public’s confidence in state and local government.  In fulfilling its directive, the Commission has mandated, monitored, and maintained the filings of Statements of Financial Interests, which promote transparency and guard against conflicts of interests.

In this session, questions such as Who, What, When, Where and Why will be answered, as well as a step-by-step guide to completing the form accurately and completely.  This 45-minute webinar will consist of a PowerPoint presentation, followed by a Question and Answer period to address any issues not covered during the main presentation.

Brian D. Jacisin, Esquire
Deputy Executive Director/Director of Investigations
Pennsylvania State Ethics Commission

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Important Information

What you need: -A computer (Mac or PC) with high-speed internet access -Speakers or headphones to listen to the audio portion of the sessions -A valid email address for registration You will receive login information via email two days prior to the scheduled event and a final reminder one hour before the start of the webinar.

Webinar Cost – $40 per session

Cancellation Policy All cancellations must be received in writing and sent to PMAA via fax, mail or email.  No refunds will be granted for a cancellation notice received less than 48 hours before each session. Substitute registrants are welcome; please email Craig Fahnestock at