PennBid: Electronic Bidding Made Easy

pennbid_graphic4Imagine your purchasing and bid management needs being a completely paperless, contact-less process where the majority of clerical items are automated.

With PennBid, this is a reality that saves public agencies valuable time and resources, all while promoting compliance with procurement codes and industry best practices.  Born in 2009 from a public-private collaboration and representing projects from over 1,000 public agencies in Pennsylvania, we are a trusted industry leader in electronic bid management.

Access from Anywhere - As a cloud-based application, PennBid allows access from virtually anywhere, meaning you can work from home without skipping a beat. Regardless of where you are working, the data and infrastructure of PennBid is not affected. We follow strict security procedures including use of a secure, encrypted connection.
"Virtual" Bid Openings - With bid openings conducted electronically, PennBid allows the bidding process to continue without need for physical meetings. This continues to promote transparency while bid results are made available effortlessly to the public.
"Virtual" Pre-Bid Meetings - PennBid has assisted a number of agencies in finding tools to conduct pre-bid meetings online, allowing for a completely virtual bidding process from advertising to bid opening.
Costs (Because we know you're wondering) - As defined by the public-private collaboration, PennBid is provided at no cost to all public agencies and design firms.
Contacting Us - Please contact us via email at or feel free to call us at 610-693-4769 to learn more or to schedule a demo.  With our virtual offices operating normally, we are available to answer any questions.
For more useful tips and pointers, including training videos and "quick-guides", please visit the Resource Center on our website at
Take care and be safe,
The PennBid Team

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