The Delaware Valley Health Trust is a regional risk sharing pool providing health & dental insurance benefits to nearly 20,000 employees and dependents of participating members. The Trust was formed under the authority granted by the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Law.

DVHT began operations with sixteen charter members in April, 1999 after a two-year study conducted by the Delaware Valley Health Insurance Cooperative. The Cooperative was an intergovernmental organization formed solely to explore the feasibility of pooling employee benefit risks.

DVHT is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of a representative from each member entity. The governing body of each entity member selects an appointed or elected official to serve as a Trustee on the Board of Trustees. Each entity receives one (1) vote on the Board; voting is not weighted. The Trustees elect (7) seven officers to serve on an Executive Committee that provides management oversight to staff and professional advisors on a monthly basis.

Funding and Financial Information

The Trust is funded by annual member contributions determined by the trust's actuary and underwriting consultant, in amounts necessary to pay expected claim costs, administrative expenses, and a recommended risk margin.  The Trust's financial statements are prepared in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles using a full accrual basis of accounting.

The overall financial condition of the Delaware Valley Health Trust continues to meet or exceed original expectations. DVHT is well positioned for continuing to meet its two long term goals of: 1) maintaining an insurance program managed by municipal officials, offering meaningful coverage designed to prudently protect municipalities from loss, and; 2) maintaining a financially secure product which is consistently priced year after year.

Excess funds are returned to members through multi-trust discounts and rate stabilization fund (RSF) credits. 

The Trust also offers contribution credits through a rate stabilization fund (RSF).  Members have the option to use all or some of the credits allocated to reduce annual premium contributions or to roll the balance forward to future years.  In effect, the RSF allows each member the discretion of choosing the most opportune time to apply their own rate relief.  If the RSF balance is rolled over to future years, the Trust will add interest, and, if approved by the Trustees, an additional year's allocation to the balance.  DVHT has allocated $31.5 million to the RSF since 2004. 

For more information, please contact Mike Baer, PMAA Membership Programs Coordinator via E-mail or by calling 717.737.7655.