The Nuts & Bolts of Solar Power for Water & Wastewater

Wednesday, March 9thMW_-_Register_-_green
1:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Key takeaways by attending the webinar:

  • Learn how solar projects work and if they are right for your system

  • Benefits and challenges of solar-powered treatment works

  • Is the timing right? It may be now.

  • Bidding: 

    • Is this subject for bidding?

    • Are there any bidding requirements?

  • How solar projects can stabilize customer rates

  • Agreement structures 

    • Power Supply Agreements vs. system ownership

    • Behind-the-meter, net metering, virtual net metering

  • How is a solar project financed? 

  • SREC – What does that mean and how do I sell it?

  • 100% renewably powered treatment works – education, tours, and publicity

  • How do Managers and Board Members get started?


Scott T. Wyland, Esq.
Salzmann Hughes, P.C.


Members: $45
Non-Members:  $75