Webinar: Plant Optimization Strategies

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

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Water and wastewater treatment processes are complex and diverse. Plants are commonly overdesigned and underperforming. The inefficiency results from state regulations that mandate capacity to handle peak flow.  Lack of flow pacing capability in authority operations and performance result in high energy costs.

Learning Objectives:

Biological Treatment - Treatment processes vary from simple to highly complex systems, customized to address the quality of wastewater to be treated and achieve the treatment that meets the effluent discharge standards.

Aeration Optimization - It is the prime source for biological treatment through oxygen transfer. Learn how an upgraded diffused aeration systems can save your authority money.

Process Streamlining and Management - Most plants do not have adequate monitoring, controls, and management strategies. Integration of influent water quality to aeration is an important consideration to achieve process optimization and operational efficiencies.

Biosolids Handling Strategies (dewatering and disposal) - Biosolids management process impacts operations and treatment efficiencies. Managing Waste Activated Sludge to achieve optimum Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) concentrations is an extremely important step in Secondary Treatment of wastewater.

Revenue Generation (Class A or B biosolids production) - Class A or B biosolids production is only possible if a plant includes a biosolids digestion step. Production of either A or B biosolids requires significant capital investment, and substantially reduces biosolids generation.

New Revenue Generation through Biogas (Federal RIN credits) - New revenue generation is only possible if a wastewater plant has anaerobic digestion included in an authorities the treatment. Understand why scale and size of plant is important because the cost of interstate pipeline connection and gas conditioning is extremely expensive.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements, and Asset Management -Discuss how asset management is important to support a reasonable useful life of the plant infrastructure.

Join the NORESCO experts to learn options and solutions available for water and wastewater to mitigate, correct, and resolve challenges.  

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