Proud History ~ Bright Future

We are pleased offer a special PMAA member service publication:

Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities
Proud History ~ Bright Future
The Value of Authority Ownership of Public Water and Sewer Systems

This 80+ page, full-color publication is a valuable resource to proactively assist you in educating local officials and your community on the benefits of authority ownership.  Proud_History_Cover

Highlights include …

  • Authority case studies & facts on strengths of local authority ownership;                                 

  • Facts on public vs. private company ownership of water and sewer operations and the effects on customers;

  • Public vs. private (national articles on privatization and rate comparisons);

  • An Advocacy Toolkit to assist in educating your customers, local officials, and the media on the positive impact of local authority control and accountability to the community served.

Copies are available for purchase at $8.00 per copy which covers PMAA’s printing and postage costs.  Please complete the order form and mail or fax it to PMAA.

**An update to this publication is planned for December 2022. More information coming soon!